How the JPSociety works

Each family member is a child of the family member who introduced them, and in turn they become the parent of those they introduce.
Everybody in the society agrees to contribute a monthly amount of $50 into the co-operative. Half of that is rewarded to your parent and half is kept to run the society.

In this way, once you are a parent of two children your $50 contribution is covered by your monthly rewards.

For as long as your children remain members and provide qualified monthly contributions,  and you continue to make your own monthly contributions, the reward payments of $25 per introduced child each month are yours! The larger you grow your family tree, the more rewards will be re-distributed to you. The only limits are those set by you.

Introducing just six members into our family empowers your passive wealth by $100/month.
◊ $25.00 x 6 = $150 ◊
Subtract your own contribution of $50.00 and it leaves you with $100 clear

The amounts may seem small, but it quickly adds up as your family tree grows.
We believe $50 per month allows for a reasonable return through the society whilst remaining achievable for each individual.
Remember, once a family member has two children in their family tree your rewards will cover your contribution!
The JPSociety manages the online presence and social media providing general marketing, promotions, information, support and encouragement. However, each parent is responsible for finding their own children. As long as each child joins using their parent’s unique identifier and continues to make their monthly qualified contributions, each parent will receive the rewards earned by them on a monthly basis.
In turn your children will create family trees of their own becoming parents in the same way and earning their own rewards.

JPSociety does not recognize grandparents, only direct parents will reap re-distribution rewards;  as each child redistributes wealth to their own parent – just as it should be!