First Steps to a Better Life

Starting on this incredible journey and becoming a member of the JPSociety family takes just a few simple steps. Following these simple steps will get you on the way to reaping monthly rewards!

Every family member needs their own identifier. A unique 3 digit code  that tells us who you are and will become the parent identifier for those you introduce. Perhaps your initials, or letters and numbers with a special meaning to you. We link your identifier to your parents identifier.

This enables JPS to make sure correct payments are made to the right members, helps us keep you up to date with marketing ideas to increase your own family tree by sharing useful graphics and files through google drive and allows us to contact you when needed.

To make sure this code is unique to you and is standardized throughout the entire community the first step for each member is to create a custom jps Gmail. The same format must be used for each member. See the example below.

parent identifier.jpsociety.your unique identifier

When you heard about the JPSociety your parent will have given out their unique identifier for you to use as your parent identifier.

If you came directly to this website or from hearing about us on social media ‘jps’ will be your parent identifier as in the example above.

The admin email is

You can also reach us at

Create your Gmail account here then join us for the NEXT STEP