Terms of Membership

  • Definition of a ‘child member’ or ‘children’.
    • A member who makes a qualifying monthly contribution and is a child to their ‘parent member’.
  • Definition of a ‘parent member’.
    • A member who makes a qualifying monthly contribution and has bought ‘children members’ into the society under their parent identifier qualifying for re-distributions/rewards from their child’s contribution.
  • Definition of qualified monthly contribution.
    • A monthly payment of $50.00 made to the JPSociety as laid out in the How we make Contributions page by ‘parent member’ or one of their ‘children’.
    • To be qualified, a monthly contribution/subscription payment of $50.00 must be cleared into the JPSociety PayPal account by the last day of the calendar month previous to the month in which rewards derived from the contribution are expected
  • Definition of qualified re-distribution/reward
    • A monthly payment of $25.00 paid by the JPSociety to the ‘parent member’ from their ‘child member’s’ qualified monthly contribution.
    • To be qualified, a re-distribution payment is incurred from a qualified monthly contribution of a ‘child member’ cleared within the required time frame set forth above.


  • Each member’s monthly contribution must be cleared into the JPSociety GPay account by the end of the calendar month in which it is due.
  • JPSociety agrees to pay a ‘parent member’ a monthly re-distribution payment for every qualified contribution payment received from a ‘child member’ by the end of the following month in which the contribution is made using the details provided upon registration on the My Information Page and paid into the member’s GPay account identified by the JPS email address provided.
  • If a ‘parent member’ fails to make a qualified monthly contribution any qualified re-distributions incurred by qualified contributions from existing ‘child members’  will be forfeited by said ‘parent member’ and any qualified re-distributions will be paid into the JPS GPay account.
  • If a ‘parent member’ fails to make qualified monthly contributions for 3 consecutive months it will be regarded as leaving the cooperative forfeiting all future qualified re-distributions from any collective remaining ‘children members’ of said ‘parent’.
  • Qualified re-distributions are paid to ‘parent members’ from the qualified contributions of direct ‘children members’ only. Only a single level family tree hierarchy is recognized.
  • Qualified contributions must be taken from a GPay account using financial information which is either in the name of the member or in the name of an individual who has given permission for the member to use for the purpose of making qualified contributions to the JPSociety.
  • Any prospective member under the age of 16 must have permission from a parent or guardian to become a member of the JPSociety.
  • Any disputes regarding membership, or contributions to and from the JPSociety will be handled within the JPSociety between the concerned party and the JPSociety administration. The JPSociety promise to handle any such matters thoroughly, fairly and competently.

How we use and store the information you provide

We store your information on our own spreadsheets using Google Docs the file of which are stored and Googles remote servers and the hard drive on JPSociety computers.

The information you provide is precious and we take your privacy seriously. Rest assured that nobody else will see or store it and it will only be used to make sure your reward re-distributions are sent to you, for communication between the JPSociety and you and for the administration of the Society.