We don’t Expect You to Click and Forget

The JPSociety think it is important that we remind ourselves that we are a part of an incredible co-operative of people who share the same vision. We will provide you with the resources and encouragement to grow your family tree through shared files and our social media content so make sure you follow the society on Facebook and Instagram!

We don’t expect you to click on a button twice and forget that you are a valued part of this great society.

Keeping in touch keeps us mindful of our end goals

…to create a financially stress free lifestyle by sharing our vision with one another and working together to make it happen!

Remember to join the social media platforms to really get the most out of the JPSociety  and connect with others in our unique family. Make sure you create a reminder within your Google Pay account so that you will never miss a contribution;  it’s important to do it in  whatever way works best for you…So set your alarm – write on your calendar – whatever you need to do to return to your GPay payment page at the same time every month to make your contribution to the JPSociety ensuring that you are qualified to receive your rewards.

Always make sure that you include YOUR parent identifier on content, posters or by word of mouth when you are spreading the word about the great rewards available through our family so that your children can use it to create their own custom Gmail and when providing us with their own information. Only then can we ensure that you receive all of the rewards earned by you.

The Society will collate the payment data at the end of each calendar month and initiate rewards according to the number of your children who contributed in the previous month. Qualified rewards due to you will be made through GPay. The aim is to do this  by the end of the second week of the month however this may vary dependent on the limits set by Google Pay


To read how we use and store the information that you provide to us please visit our terms page